Saturday, June 16, 2012

Settling back in

I have been home from my Europe trip for two weeks now and it really feels like time has flown by. I am still putting away clothes that I had taken with me. In between work and going to the gym I haven't had much time to put away all of my things.

Let me just say that Europe was amazing. Truly amazing. It was a once in a lifetime experience and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I know I will be going back. I will post some pictures of my trip as soon as I get them all uploaded onto my computer!

My two brothers met me at the airport to take me home and we later went to dinner to my favorite Mexican food restaurant, El Potosino, for a welcome home meal. It was a real pleasure to come home and finally get to eat some good chips and salsa!

The next day saw me waking up bright and early to get ready for my little brothers graduation from high school, the last one from our family! I was really excited and proud of him when I watched him walk across the stage to take his diploma. We went to dinner at a steakhouse and again I had the pleasure of eating food that tasted like home.

I also had a little welcome home lunch with two of my best friends and favorite people in the world. We went to a little Thai restaurant that I had never tried before, but being a lover of anything Thai I was looking forward to it. I had a great time talking to my girlfriends about my trip while eating my beef Panang, which was delicious!

I am finally beginning to get settled back in at home. I can't tell you how happy I was to see my bed, which I am sure all travelers feel by the end of their trip! I am getting back into the ebb and flow of my life, going to work and spending time at home with my family. Which is what I will be doing this weekend!

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